Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Honoring Our Volunteers

The USDF is like many nonprofit organizations in that volunteers are its lifeblood. Recognizing this, the Federation awards a number of prestigious honors each year to volunteers whose efforts have been extraordinary.

First, there are Volunteer of the Year awards for each of USDF's nine regions. Regional Volunteers of the Year have made significant contributions within their home geographic areas.

On the national level, USDF Volunteer of the Year and Youth Volunteer of the Year awards recognize two individuals whose contributions permeate the entire organization. In 2012, those awards went to Trenna Atkins, USEF "S" judge and forward-thinking USDF "L" faculty member; and to Catherine Chamberlain, a tireless youth volunteer whose service exemplifies USDF's educational mission and dedication to excellence.

2012 USDF Volunteer of the Year Trenna Atkins (center) with George Williams and Lisa Gorretta 

Catherine Chamberlain (right) receives the 2012 USDF Youth Volunteer of the Year award from Roz Kinstler and Roberta Williams

Another longtime volunteer who was recognized at the 2012 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention in New Orleans was Fern Feldman. This was the retiring USDF Region 8 director's last trip to convention as a member of the USDF Executive Board.
Outgoing Region 8 director Fern Feldman and USDF president George Williamns
 One final individual who's not a volunteer but who nonetheless has contributed greatly to USDF's success is its executive director, Stephan Hienzsch. At the Board of Governors assembly, the Executive Board honored his decade of service with a plaque and a watch.

USDF president George Williams and USDF executive director Stephan Hienzsch
Thanks to all who have contributed to the USDF's success. We appreciate you!

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